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Carpets & Rugs:

Having your carpets and rugs cleaned is important, just like vacuuming is. Deep cleaning kills bacteria and germs, eliminates stains, improves colour and appearance, and freshens up your carpet. 

There's no need for you to go to the trouble and expenses of purchasing a new carpet.  Cleaning your carpet will make your home look and smell nice and clean, as good as new. 

We provide a collection and drop off service for rugs that is free of charge for locations situated within a four mile radius. Beyond this the service is chargeable.

Cloth and Leather Suites:

The appearance and long lasting quality of leather is determined by the level of care it is given. Professionally tanned leather that has not been dyed or stained, which is actually referred to as uncorrected leather, requires special care and maintenance to keep it in its best condition. 

Leather needs to cleaned properly, otherwise if it isn't cleaned, it can start to crack and appear old earlier than it should. To stop this from occurring, a regular and proper clean is recommended to retain the quality and appearance of your leather furniture.


Just like carpets, curtains tend to gather dirt and dust over time. They can attract dust mites as well as spiders, and carry large quantities of dust. 

We are able to clean curtains on-site while they are hanging, or we can remove the curtains and then clean them. Our service includes taking down the curtains and rehanging them after cleaning them. 

We provide a collection and drop off service for curtains that is free of charge for locations situated within a four mile radius. Beyond this, the service is chargeable.

In Car Valet:

We are also able to clean the inside of your car when you are at work or at home. The only thing we need is a power point. Our in car valet cleaning service covers both cloth and leather interiors.


We have special rates for a variety of commercial businesses that need our regular cleaning services, from offices and estate agents, to pubs and care homes. Contact us to find out more about us, our services and the rates we offer.


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